1.      MISSION


The role of Presidential Advisory Committee on Italian-American Affairs at Brooklyn College is to contribute to the priority commitment of the College to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion, and to act in accordance with these principles for the betterment of our community and the society in which the College operates.


In particular, the mission of the Committee is articulated according to the following general principles:


·     Advise the President of the college on important issues and activities related to the affairs of Italian-Americans on the Brooklyn College campus.

·                 Support the college’s Diversity and Equity activities in the hiring of new members of the faculty and staff to ensure that the college reflects the diversity of its student body, the Borough of Brooklyn, and the City of New York.

·     Increase awareness among students, potential students, faculty/staff, and the general public about Italian-American cultural relevance and significance within the context of the College’s mission in society.

·     Support the college’s outreach efforts to attract Italian-American students.


·     Support Italian-American students at the college fostering awareness and facilitating access to resources such as career and academic counseling, cultural and social activities, scholarships and awards.


·     Provide feedback and contribute to the development of a curriculum in the area of Italian-American Studies.


·     Engage in and coordinate activities that are germane to the mission and in line with the principles hereby expounded, such as fund raising, research and grants writing.





The Presidential Advisory Committee on Italian American Affairs at Brooklyn College (henceforth “The Committee”) shall be governed by Bylaws of this document.


The Committee is established in accordance with the document “A Proposal for University Institute Status,” presented by the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute and approved by the City University of New York Board of Trustees on September 27, 1995 (attached.)





Eligibility     All current, full-time faculty and staff are eligible to be members of the Committee.  The Committee and the President working in concert ensure equitable representation of all constituencies.


The members are appointed by the President upon recommendation by the Committee.


Each recommendation for membership must be approved by a majority of the body and is forwarded to the President for appointment.


Members ex-officio with no voting privileges are:

  • the President of the Italian American Student Union;
  • the President of the Italian Culture Club (ACA member club);
  • the Director of the Brooklyn College Center for Italian American Studies.
  • the Director of the Office of Diversity and Equity (or a designated officer.)


Club Presidents may designate an alternate representative to the Committee’s meetings with the approval of the Committee.


Good Standing: Members are expected to participate in the meetings on a regular basis.


Composition:   The maximum number of members shall be fifteen.  The minimum number of members shall be five.


Length of Term:  Two years, eligible for reappointment.





At all meetings of the Committee, the presiding officers shall maintain the orderliness of the proceedings, and for this purpose shall refer to Robert’s Rule of Order when necessary.


Chair   The Committee elects the Chair at the first meeting of the Academic Year by a majority vote of the body.  The term of office of the Chair is one year, renewable.


The Chair is required to call at least one meeting per academic semester with a minimum of two weeks notice. The announcement will be sent by email to the members’ preferred email addresses.


The Chair ensures that records of the meetings are kept in good order.


In his/her absence, the Chair designates an Acting Chair to preside over meetings.


Secretary   The Secretary is elected by the Committee at the first meeting of the Academic Year by a majority vote of the body. The term of office is one year, renewable. The Secretary drafts the minutes of the meetings. In the case of absence from a meeting, an ad-hoc Acting Secretary is appointed by consensus among the members present at the meeting.

Quorum           The quorum is a majority of the body.


a) When a quorum is present, motions are approved with a majority vote of the body.

b) When a quorum is not present, motions can be offered and seconded.  Motions cannot be brought up for a vote.  The text will be disseminated by email and published online as per the provisions in these Bylaws.  Votes will be cast electronically.  A first vote will be required for action, i.e. to bring up the motion for a vote (“call the motion” vote.) Voting is open for one week. A second vote will be required to approve the motion. Voting is open for one week. Votes that are not cast are considered abstentions.


Motions           All motions must be submitted in writing and entered verbatim in the minutes.


Meetings         The Chair will call at least one meeting every semester


If the Chair fails to call at least one meeting every semester, s/he will be terminated at the end of the semester during which the meeting did not take place. The position of Acting Chair will be filled by the Vice Chair.


Minutes           The minutes of the meetings will be posted online within two weeks from the respective meetings.


Online Committee’s documents will be posted online.


The Bylaws shall be submitted to the members for approval.  A majority vote of the body is required for approval. The approved text will be forwarded to the President for final ratification.


The Bylaws will be effective the first day of the subsequent academic semester.





Amendments to the Bylaws require a majority vote of the body.


Proposed amendments to the Bylaws must be introduced at a meeting and entered in the minutes to be discussed at the following meeting.


The approved amendments are effective on the first day of the subsequent academic semester.







Approved with unanimous vote by the ad hoc draft committee on Thursday, December 1, 2011.


Fabio Girelli-Carasi, Chair


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